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MCLP Prepares for Midterm Presentations

The public is invited to attend the Class of 2015’s mid-term presentations about the five local non-profit agencies they are working with, which range from health care to outer space. Join MCLP on Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 8:30–10:30 a.m. at Parke Regency Hotel and Conference Center.


Helping at-risk mothers give their children a “Healthy Start”

MCLP’s 2014 project with The Baby Fold has become the “gift that keeps on giving.”


Simulating Poverty, Dispelling Stereotypes, Inspiring Action

MCLP participants and local community members participate in annual poverty simulation.


Participants and Volunteers Invited to MCLP-Sponsored Poverty Simulation

Poverty is a topic avoided by many, particularly those without firsthand knowledge of its struggles and stressors. However, poverty in the U.S.—and in Central Illinois—is real and devastating to those who live it day by day. Recognizing the conditions and systemic causes of poverty, bringing awareness to the issue, and doing one’s part to reverse its negative impact is the work of socially and culturally responsible citizens.